Choosing The Best wave Brush for your Buck

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Choosing The Best wave Brush for your Buck

How does a wave brush work?


How to get waves is a question that many young guys ask themselves. A wave brunch is designed in a manner that its able to fit your scalps contours. This enables your hair to stay in the right direction thus projecting the waves accordingly. Wave brushes are made in such a way that the bristles are soft to facilitate distribution of the natural oils usually found on the scalp to the whole length of your hair. This helps prevent or even reduce frizz thus keeping the hair waves conditioned, silky and smooth. Therefore, how you brush your hair determines how your hair waves will look like.

How different is a wave brush from other brushes?

All brushes are definitely not made the same way nor the same size. Basically, a wave brush is specifically used in brushing curly or wavy hair. A wave brush contains very natural and strong bristles that are mostly made of boar. Of all other brushes, a brush made of boar are more firm and has relatively soft bristles. That’s makes it very suitable for the naturally fragile hairs mostly of the African textured hairs. It has the ability to detangle hair without cutting some hair off, pulling the hair or even snagging the hair.

How do you identify the proper wave brush for your hair?

As some people have thick tresses on the heads, it’s not necessarily possible for whichever brush to reach the scalp. Therefore, the multipurpose brush to use is a wave brush. They are made in such a way that they are able to penetrate through the hairs and brush it with ease from whichever angle. However, there are some basic features that would help you identify the best wave brush for you. If you have short and/or soft hair, it’s good to use a wave brush with soft bristles. Similarly, the hard brushes are good for the hard and long hair since its sometimes difficult for the soft brush to penetrate into the scalp. The shape of the brush is also necessary to look at. The peddle shapes brushes mostly do well when dealing with large proportions of hair. This are also ideal for people with course and thick hair. The rounded brushes are suitable for those with long hairs since it makes it look more thin. A short listing of other factors to consider is the design of the brush, the material used to make the brush and also the handle of the brush.


For the best maintenance of you your hair waves, It’s advisable not to wash your hair so much since it may dismantle the nature of your hair waves. Also its good to develop a proper brushing routine using the expected wave brush. After using your wave brush, it good to ensure that you clean it for a nice brush next time. Lastly, it’s not advisable to brush your hair while dry, ensure you moisturize it before brushing.

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