What are asbestos testing kits and what do you do with them?

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What are asbestos testing kits and what do you do with them?

Getting your home tested for asbestos can be something you have to do if you suspect you may have the dangerous substance hidden somewhere in it. Before you rush off to arrange for an asbestos inspection, however, there is a way to get one done cheaper.

That is by buying one of the many asbestos testing kits on the market, and then testing your home yourself.

What are asbestos testing kits? — These are kits you can buy from a variety of online and offline kit suppliers. An asbestos test kit will have everything you need to be able to test your home for asbestos.

They include asbestos waste bags, plastic gloves, air filter masks, coveralls, instructions and details on what to do with all the material you have sampled when you have finished taking samples.

How do you use asbestos testing kits? — First you will want to be sure to put on both the coveralls and the gloves, as you do not want to touch any asbestos you may find in your home.

Then using tweezers or one of the pieces of equipment that comes with the kit, take samples of anything you suspect may be asbestos or contaminated with asbestos. Put the sample into one of the waste bags that comes with the kit and seal it. Continue to do this around your home, until you feel you have taken enough samples to get a good idea about possible asbestos contamination.

Read the instructions to make sure you know where to send the samples for testing, package them up and send them. Once the lab receives them, and the testing has been done, you will be contacted with your results.

Getting your test results — It depends on the specific asbestos testing kit you use, but most companies are able to get your test results to you within just a few days.

You will receive the results in the mail, along with a letter certifying that they are true and accurate results. If your home is found to be contaminated with asbestos, the lab will also send you information as to what you should do next in order to be able to take care of your asbestos problem.

What are your options? — Your options will vary depending on where you live and how much asbestos is found in your home. It will also depend on the type of asbestos, as sheets of asbestos are far less dangerous than is the loose-fill asbestos that has been used to insulate homes all over the world since the 1940s and 50s.

In most instances, the company will recommend you have the asbestos removed and then send you the contact information for a asbestos removal Sydney company that can do that. In some cases, the company may be them.

You will then have to decide if you want the asbestos removed, what kind of removal method you prefer and if what you are choosing to do is in the best interests of both your home and your health.