Why do young adults and teenagers think it is important to have white teeth?

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Why do young adults and teenagers think it is important to have white teeth?

If you know anything about young adults or teenagers, you may know how important it is for many of them to have white teeth. Especially nowadays when getting a white smile is as easy as going to a dentist for a couple of whitening sessions, or buying whitening cream or Tandblekning Hemma so you can whiten your teeth at home.

Why do they think having white teeth is so important, though, and are they right?


White teeth make them look wealthier — Some adults and teens believe, if they have their teeth whitened, other people will think they are wealthier than they are.

This is due to many people believing those from lower socio-economic groups have yellow or ugly teeth, while those from higher socio-economic groups have straight, gleaming white teeth.


White teeth look healthier and stronger — While the color of your teeth does not usually affect the health or the strength of your teeth, some people think it makes them look healthier and stronger.

If you want other people to think you have healthy, strong teeth, you may want to consider having your teeth whitened. After all, you can have them done in a couple of sessions at a dentist’s office, or in a few days if you whiten them at home yourself.


They emulate celebrities — Just about every major celebrity nowadays has gleaming white teeth, and young people notice that.

Young adults and teens often emulate the celebrities they like as they want to be just like them. Getting their teeth whitened is an affordable way of doing that, whereas buying a private jet or a Beverly Hills mansion is not.

In some cases, that means having their teeth whitened so that their smiles look just as nice as Miley Cyrus, Pink or Justin Bieber.