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How To Build Big Shoulders Using A Shoulder Press Machine

When you begin to use a professional shoulder press machine, surprisingly enough, you are actually utilising much more than only the three general shoulder muscles to complete the lift.

The human arm muscles are actually the main movers when it comes to the shoulder press, although the main muscles in both your core and trunk tend to contract in order to balance you well when you begin to lift. So it’s much more than an isolation exercise.

The human deltoid muscles at your shoulders are the one set of main movers in the entire shoulder press. The deltoid muscle has three individual parts. These seperate parts are lateral muscles, anterior muscles, and deltoid muscles, which are along the outside part of your shoulder.

The main purpose of the deltoid muscles are to smooothly raise the human arm overhead, these strong deltoid muscles are located at the top end of your human shoulders and are smart movers when it comes to your press. During the shoulder press, your human anterior deltoid muscle is the initial active part of this particular muscle group.

Your tricep muscles are considered the big muscles on the backside of your upper arm. Even though your tricep muscles tend to criss cross both the elbow and the shoulder joints, these immensely powerful muscles also straighten your human elbow joint while you are active in the shoulder press.

To pinpoint your tricep muscles even more, you can complete what is known as a close-grip barbell shoulder press. The more nearer your hands become on the actual bar, the overall better the whole activation of the triceps become. Your human upper back can also assist in balancing your human shoulders while you do the shoulder press as well.

Your trapezius muscle is also a big muscle that expands from the actual base of your human skull clear to the middle part of your human back, going all the way across the top part of your shoulders. The trapezius muscle has three specific parts to it: The middle part, the upper part, and the lowest part. Many of your special muscles do hardly anything more than consistently maintain balanced positioning while you are in the shoulder press, but they are important nevertheless.

Your human abdominals as well as your lower back dwindle and shrink somewhat to keep your balanced torso in an up right position. Your finger flexors located in your forearms will diminish or shrink as well to give you the strength you need to hang tightly on to exercise dumbbells, which is a regular barbell found on a lever shoulder press machine. You will want to sit on the seat while at the same time use a overhand grip. Next up, you will need to tighten up your muscles while also pressing the handles forward. Again, just tighten your core muscles a good amount and proceed to press the handles overhead. You will then want to hold for around 2 to 3 seconds and then lower your back. Go ahead and put out 10 reps, doing up to three sets in a single row.

If you perform on a free weight shoulder pres, then it is recommended to use only light weight dumbbells just until you have conquered the exact technique correctly. Next, straddle or sit on a weight bench with both of your feet completely flat on the firm ground. You can now hold one of your dumbbells in eachcof your hands as you carefully bend your elbows as well as raise both your hands to around your neck height.

Continue to rotate both of your forearms just until your palms eventually face forward.

Procced by carefully pressing both of your dumbbells overhead just until both of your elbows are straight, and then carefully lower them back down again.

Here are a few more pointers for the db press:

Senior Home Care – What Does it Take?

Senior Home Care – What Does It Take?

Many families around the world decide to emmit their loved ones into a senior home for various reasons. Choosing a senior home then becomes a careful process to ensure that the person’s new home will be a good environment that is safe, comfortable and competent. We will be diving into a few key aspects of what makes a good senior home. From staffing, food, and the care that goes into making the rooms feel like home, here are 3 key things to look out for.

The staff

Probably the most crucial element in a senior home care is the caregivers themselves. This is a job that requires a very understanding, patient and friendly individual to succeed. On top of this, they need the knowledge and expertise to be able to deal with various situations and needs. Looking for people with experience in the field is going to go a long way of ensuring a living environment that will make the residents at home.

Health and safety

A caring senior home means keeping the residents healthy and ensuring that they are safe. Providing healthy meals, catering to various needs and ensuring their safety will create a living environment that will give peace of mind for their families and the residents. There should be enough knowledgeable staff on the premises to respond to emergencies immediately. If there is a particular health issue with a resident, then that should be monitored.

Creating a home-like environment

The senior home is what the name implies, this is a home for the residents living there. Ensuring that their rooms are comfortable with the amenities such as a TV, comfortable bed and decorations that make the space feel as far from a hospital room as possible will go a long way. This is the area they will likely spend the most time during their stay.

The residents should also be allowed to decorate and add amenities themselves within reason. If their families want to provide them with a streaming service setup for their room, for example, it should be considered a reasonable thing to comply with. Another thing to account for is that many seniors who move into a senior home become homesick and like to decorate their space in a similar fashion to their previous homes. Drop-in family visits should also be allowed within reason.

On top of this, scheduling community events will keep things from getting boring. After all, sitting in a room all-day will eventually wear down on anybody! Having fun games to get people together such as Bingo and trivia will go a long way to create a positive environment.

Lose Weight Easily With A Diet And Exercise Lifestyle Change

Millions of men and women have had to fight the battle of the bulge at some point in their adult life. Getting rid of unwanted pounds has always been a struggle for some people. They have tried every diet fad that came along with no success. To effectively lose weight is not an easy task, but it does take commitment, and dedication to sticking to a diet and exercise plan. There are several ways to lose weight, but many of them will leave you unsatisfied and hungry. Following a few proven tips will help you lose the weight you want, and be content in the process.


Make a diet and meal change

It is not necessary to measure every bite of food that you eat, but making a lifestyle change to eat better is a big step in the weight loss quest. Making a few changes is all it takes. First, start by eliminating sugars and starches from your diet. Doing this will reduce hunger levels, and you will end up eating less calories. Eat more protein which includes meat, eggs, and fish. Also eat low carbohydrate vegetables like broccoli, kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts, spinach, tomatoes, cauliflower, and lettuce. Add to this diet change fat sources like olive, coconut, and avocado oils. By eating a low carb vegetable, a protein source, and a fat source at meals will greatly help lower hunger levels, and improve your eating habits, thus, help you lose weight effectively.


Exercise of do physical activity regularly

Get involved in some type of physical activity or exercise to get the body moving, and help burn calories and tone muscles. Walking is a good way to start. Taking walks around the neighborhood at least three times per week will get you motivated to do more. Join an exercise class where you can stat with some low impact cardio exercises, or opt for a more advanced weight training class. It is essential to the body to have regular physical activity to enhance the function of the many systems that will benefit from the movement. Once you get started with physical activity it will become easier to do on a regular basis.

Losing weight effectively does not mean that you need to revert to a strict diet. If you eat sensibly, make wise food choices, and cut out everything that is unhealthy for the body, you will meet the weight loss challenge head on. When you add exercise, your entire body will benefit, and you lose weight faster. Always check with your doctor before beginning any weight loss program to make sure that your body is capable of handling the activities, and if there are any health issues, limiting your caloric and carb intake will not affect them

The Best Reasons to Visit a Medical Spa

Most people do not need any special excuse to go to a spa. Rest, relaxation, and a general pampering sounds good to almost everyone. So why would a person choose a medical spa versus a traditional day spa?

Medical spas combine the relaxation and pampering of a regular day spa, and add new medical technology to help get you looking and feeling healthy and recharged. Many medical spas offer treatments that help long term control for issues such as wrinkles, cellulite, unwanted hair removal, and skin pigmentation concerns.

Here are just a few of the best reasons to visit a medical spa today.

Unwanted Hair

We all have it somewhere, unwanted hair. Whether you have unwanted facial hair, or are looking to have your bikini zone treated, a medical spa, for example Ethos Spa, Skin and Laser Center, is the perfect place to have this treatment done. Many medical spas now offer laser hair removal as well as the more traditional waxing treatments. This treatment will be done by someone who is specially trained in using this technique. Depending on the size of the area, the hair can be removed in as little as 6 treatments! Many also say that the treatments are not terribly painful as well.


As we age, many of us develop wrinkles. These wrinkles tend to make us look older than we feel. Medical spas often offer many treatments for wrinkles. A few treatments available are Botox injections, injectable wrinkle fillers, hyaluronic acid fillers are another type of wrinkle filler used at many medical spas.

Botox injections work by relaxing the muscle under the wrinkled area. Injectable fillers work by filling a wrinkle or hollow area. These treatments can last as long as 4 months at a time. These types of treatments can give you the look of a facelift at just a fraction of the cost of a surgery.


No one wants cellulite. It can be frustrating for those who are working hard to be physically fit and well-toned to have ugly, dimpled areas of cellulite. These problem areas can be treated at a medical spa. Some medical spas offer liposuction, others offer minimally invasive treatments like Cellulaze, or Velashape. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure done to remove the fat that is hard to work off with just exercise. Cellulaze uses lasers to breakdown the cellulite and the results should last around 2 years. Velashape uses infrared light to reduce fat layers and reshape the area. This usual require 4 treatments to see results.


Acupuncture is another wonderful option that can be found at many medical spas. This treatment can be used for so many things. Some use it to stop smoking, or eat less. Many use it to treat painful conditions such as arthritis or headaches.

There are so many wonderful treatments available at a medical spa. These treatments are always performed by a specially trained technician for your safety, and most of these spas are licensed and overseen by a doctor. Visit a medical spa today for some rest, relaxation, combined with the latest medical technology to get you looking and feeling your best.

What is a spinal surgery and when should you have one?

If you are one of the millions of people every year that have spinal problems, you may be wondering if there are alternative treatments to the pain killers and physical therapy your doctor has prescribed. Especially if your spinal issues are so severe, they do not seem to be helping.

In fact, there is one treatment that may be a last resort but, if done at the right time and correctly, can help. That treatment is spinal surgery.

What is spinal surgery? — As it sounds, this is surgery that is carried out on the spine. It can be surgery that is needed due to a fracture, due to disc problems, a sports injury, or when nerves are compressed in the spine and causing pain.

Spinal surgery is usually carried out after treatments like pain killers, physical therapy, massage or bed rest have not helped.

When is spinal surgery carried out? — Most surgeons specializing in spinal injuries will try other treatments before spinal surgery is deemed to be necessary.

These treatments can include bed rest, acupuncture, deep tissue massage, manual manipulation, treatment with anti-inflammatories and a course of pain killers. A surgeon will usually recommend trying one or more of these treatments for three to six months before considering spinal surgery.

Once spinal surgery seems to be the most likely outcome, however, the surgeon will then explain the procedure, how long the surgery generally takes, what the recuperation rate is and what type of result you can best expect. It is then up to you to decide if this type of surgery is a good option for you.

When should you consider spinal surgery? — There are several things you should consider before you decide surgery is the best choice. After all, while this type of surgery may help with your problems, the recovery time can be extensive and the inconvenience on your lifestyle severe.

Look at the recuperation time, for instance, and if it can be fitted into your particular lifestyle. You will also want to consider the amount of inconvenience you will have to deal with and for how long, and what the long-term prognosis after surgery is expected to be.

Weigh up all of these things against the potential benefit of a particular spinal surgery, and then make your decision.

Minimally invasive surgery — If at all possible, choose a spinal surgery with a minimally invasive option. This means the incisions into and around your spine are much smaller, there is less bleeding, and surgery is often done with lasers instead of scalpels.

This is not only much more precise of a treatment for a spinal injury, it also requires less stitches and a far faster recovery time.

You can research the spinal surgeons in your area offering minimally invasive surgery, and have a consultation with one or more of them, for example see Joshua S. Rovner spine specialist. If you are satisfied with how the surgery will be carried out for you, you can then book an appropriate time to have it done with the surgeon you liked the most.

How to boost your cosmetic surgery practice through search engine optimization

If the cosmetic surgery practice you own is not getting the attention you would like it to, there are several things you can do to get more people interested in what you do.


One of the big things, however, is better search engine optimization. This will allow more and more people to discover your website as, with the right SEO, it will appear much higher up in the Google search results.


Learning SEO yourself — There are hundreds of books out there that can show you exactly how to use SEO on your cosmetic surgery practice’s website so that Google notices it much more often.


Unless you have a huge amount of time, however, or have had SEO experience in the past, this may not always be the best use of your time. Not unless you really do not have the available money to be able to pay someone to do it for you.


Hire an SEO agency to boost your cosmetic surgery practice — The next way is to hire an SEO agency to work on boosting your practice’s website, e.g. search engine optimization for plastic surgery practices.


If you decide to go this route, you should be sure to hire a company that has specific experience with cosmetic surgery practices. You should also be sure they have a good track record of implementing good SEO and having Google pay attention to the sites they have worked on.


Also make sure they do everything the whitehat way, as Google does not like blackhat practices, and could penalize your site if you hire an SEO company that does that.


Interviewing SEO companies — If you have decided to pay someone to help boost your cosmetic surgery practice in Google results, you will need to begin by interviewing staff at a number of companies.


Look for companies that have extensive experience in SEO, as well as experience in doing SEO for other cosmetic surgery practices. Also look for companies that can show you proof of how well they have been able to boost former client’s sites, and ones that have a tailored SEO plan for your own company.


Check these companies’ social media accounts as well, as there are too many SEO agencies that brag about being able to get your site boosted in both Google and in social media.


Then, when you look at the results they have been able to achieve for their own agency, you know they will not be able do that at all. Especially as their own results are so poor.


Hiring a company with affordable rates — Once you have decided you are going to hire an SEO agency to help promote your cosmetic surgery practice’s website, you need to hire one with affordable rates.


This will often mean getting quotes from several companies, looking carefully at what that quote includes, and then choosing one with the right experience and the right price.


Do not just choose the one with the lowest prices, however, as that may not translate to the best SEO service.

Pillars of Health and Wellness

To construct a strong building you need to make a strong foundation and pillars, Human health is quite similar to this. The pillars of health and wellness allow us to live our lives to the fullest. Let us discuss some of these pillars here.

1. Good Food

It is essential for the human body to get proper nutrition in order to function better and stay well nourished.  If you only intake fast food, processed food, and junk food, your body will not be functioning properly and your internal organs will be under stress and affected by the type of food you are having. Soon, your body might go into malnourishment and become the perfect ground for diseases to land on. Hence, the first and foremost thing to do when opting to stay healthy and well is to eat the right kind of food. Just like your car will not work if you do not fuel it properly, the human body also requires fuel to function and that fuel is good food. It is great for you to go for natural, organic and minimally processed foods to improve your health and well-being. You should eat fresh vegetables and fruits and try to balance your daily diet in such a way that it will include carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in an equal and appropriate amount.

 2. Exercise

In addition to good food, you should also go for exercise. In the modern world of today when machines and technology have made our lives easy yet gotten us so much involved that we are slowly becoming those fat people on hi-tech wheelchairs in Wall-E. It is great to take a break from the daily hustle and go out in the fresh air for a walk. Try to set a routine and add exercise to your daily schedule. Even on the busiest day, you can give 5 minutes to exercise and keep yourself healthy and in shape. You don’t even have to hit the gym. All you need to do is go on a walk/run, do yoga, perform some simple push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and lunges in your living room. Just by adding some little exercise to your daily schedule you can improve your health very quickly and smoothly.


 3. Sleep

Sleep is another important thing that is vital to human’s health. It is suggested that an average person should sleep for about 7 to 8 hours a day in order to stay fit and healthy. If you don’t sleep much and are sleep deprived, you will be feeling gloomy and tired all day. Sleep deprivation has a very bad effect on your health and may lead to many diseases and health issues including digestion problems. Try to bend your schedule in such a way that you go to bed early and sleep for at least 8 hours. If you have trouble falling asleep you can always opt for meditation or take some drink like chamomile tea or a glass of warm milk which will help you to sleep better.









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