The Joy Of Wearing Bikini’s Rejuvenated With Breast Augmentation

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The Joy Of Wearing Bikini’s Rejuvenated With Breast Augmentation

Admit it! Body insecurities are the biggest nightmare affecting women in the modern world. Perhaps the prevalence of men wanting women with big breast hips and behinds just to mention a few is the prime reason why women stress over body dissatisfaction. While you might not be naturally blessed with bigger mammary glands, there is no need to sit back and cry over it because technology has got you on level 100. Thanks to breast augmentation you can get your breasts enhanced and hit those streets or beaches confidently without low self-esteem because of your revolutionized body image particularly in the breast area.


So what is breast augmentation and how does it work?


Otherwise known as boob job, augmentation or mammoplasty, breast augmentation is the increment of the size of your natural boobs by inserting implants through a surgical procedure. Ideally, the process involves inserting implants into the breast area. Yes, this may sound scary, but you are never conscious when all this is taking place so no big deal. The method was first introduced in the medical department in 1962 but has since then undergone a milestone of developments. Two types of implantations can be used during mammoplasty: saline implants and silicone implants. From their names, it is evident that the former involves insertion of saline solutions particularly biological-concentration salt water 0.90% w/v of sodium chloride and 300 mOsm/L of calcium into your breast area. The latter on the other hand involves incorporation of silicone solution into the mammary glands. Here, there are different types of silicone breast implants known by their generation names first, second, third, fourth and fifth. Each generation is stronger than its preceding one.


Benefits of undergoing breast augmentation


Besides increasing your breasts, there are about three more benefits that you can enjoy with breast augmentation surgery (see Best Plastic Surgeon in NYC). Firstly, the procedure gives you your desired curves on your top area. Although many would not acknowledge this publicly, it is undeniable that women with small breast barely have curves on their top areas which can be a turn off for some men or make the women themselves depressed. With breast augmentation surgery all this fear is over because the increase in breast automatically gives you your long desired top curves. Nearly all women have asymmetrical breasts but for some people, this asymmetrical nature of their boost is too evident, and this is where the second benefit of augmentation surgery comes in. The operation along with the two benefits is also capable of correcting naturally occurring breast asymmetry. The last additional benefit you can get from boob job surgery is restoration of breast after mastectomy (gap left during breast cancer), pregnancy or aging period. This is because the process as mentioned earlier involves implanting fats in the affected area of your boobs. At the very end, you will be sure to enjoy improved self-esteem as well as that perfect body image.



While breast augmentation is effective always do it in a reputable hospital and under qualified personnel in the field lest you encounter risks that could have otherwise been avoided.