How to find the perfect dentist?

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March 28, 2017
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How to find the perfect dentist?

Potential patients should always Google the dentist, but only use the yellow pages to refine your search on the internet, and remember that not all reviews are good reviews. Avoid vague, overly promotional reviews that do not relate to what appears to be a personal story. These fake reviews often refers to an overview aspect of the practice rather than relating specific details about procedures. Sometimes insurance companies require you to see a restricted list of dentists, so ask your insurance company if you have an out of network option beyond this restrictive list. Additionally, ask friends, family, or co workers for recommendations, but avoid recommendations from those who have had only cleanings done because these procedures are most often formed by hygienist, and these oral health practitioners do not denote if the actual dentists is incompetent or not. Ask to interview the dentist and staff and if this not possible before an initial visit, this action should be considered suspect for many reasons.

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This reaction alone should knock them from the list, and waiting for an emergency will expose you to a greater degree of risk because the options are necessarily limited at that point, but one of the best tips for finding a dentist is to first only look for dentists who are concerned with whole body health. A dentist concerned just with the teeth and not oral health’s connection to the rest of the body may not be comprehensive enough to make a good dentist for you or your family. Comprehensive dentist who do prescribe to a holistic health approach inquire about you and your family’s health history. Additionally, these potentially good dentists will educate you about how oral health reflects and effects the health throughout the entire body. If the dentist has a poor attitude of repair over intervention and preemptive actions through good hygiene and dental visits then you can find someone more appropriate. Poor oral health increases the chances of developing many diseases such as heart disease, mental issues, and even diabetes.


Attempting to find a good, cheap dentist (e.g. tacoma dentist) may be hard because in this field, you get what you pay for. A cheap dentist will be low quality most every time. Additionally, a cheap dentist will also cost more in the short and long term than finding a quality dentist at a reasonable rate. Good comprehensive dentists and their offices have much overhead in order to deliver quality services while cheap dentists may use shortcuts to deliver the cheap service. It is at this point that the gravity of what is being done should be considered. Oral health is so important that it should never be obtained cheaply at the behest of poor service. The only way to find a good doctor is to do a comprehensive search and then make the decision based on delivery of service versus price, but ultimately, the comfort factor will be a sizable determinant. If you are in any way uncomfortable with the services for any reason, choose another option for a dentist.

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